I love to laugh...most times it’s at my own expense
I never worry about money
I am excited by change
I love the smell of gasoline and fresh cut green grass
I moved out of my parents house when I was 15 and lived with Mrs. Brown, my highschool teacher
I have a fear of speaking in front of large groups
My favourite drink is amaretto and seven
I'm a natural-born detective and love solving mysteries
I love to ride carelessly fast on my motorcycle
I love to travel alone
I love to take walks in the rain
I have a knack for fashion and design
I’ve been writing a book for 12 years
During house renos a brick fall on my head when I was seven
I was always jealous of my brother being a pro tennis player...although I could have been just as successful if I wasn’t so lazy
The first time I had sex I was 20, with my first boyfriend George.
New York City feels like home to me
I am a loyal friend, partner and lover
Italian is my first language
I quit a stable, well paying job after almost five years because I wasn’t respected
I am a size 6 shoe
I am allergic to sulpha and penicillin
I quit smoking after 15 years through hypnosis
Green is my favourite color
People look at me strange because I don’t want to have children
I am afraid of the dark
I love music
I received a fellowship award in Grade 6
I have written a ton of letters to people but never sent them
I grieve things long before I actually lose them
Autumn is my favourite season
I never vote
I love meeting new people and connecting to others
I don't like to sit still
I'm a Taurean
I am incredibly optimistic and positive
My favourite concert was James Taylor
My favourite movie is Frankie and Johnny
I well up everytime I hear the American nation anthem
I am fiercely competitive
I bought my first car when I was 15. A Nissan Micra