I had a friend tell me about a dating site that she recently became a member of - Cougarlife.com. I heard about it but I wanted to learn more...so I did some digging.  I discovered that Cougarlife.com is owned by Toronto born Noel Biderman.  He's a former attorney, sports agent and self-described happily married father of two. He is also is the founder and chief executive of Ashleymadison.com, Eroticy.com, Swappernet.com, Establishedmen.com, HotorNot.com and Arrangementseekers.com. Biderman has also recently become partner in Howard Sterns Sirius XM radio show.

I interviewed Biderman back 2001 when the 37-year-old launched Ashleymadison.com.

He was blatant, unapologetic, quick and confident in his responses.

If you've never heard of Ashleymadison.com,  it is the largest dating (cheating) site around.  It pretty much caters to people who can't find a co-worker or neighbour to bang. Ashleymadison.com even comes with a complete "throw in the towel" money back guarantee if you don't find an affair in the first three months...the Guarantee Package costs $250 however, to purchase.

70% percent of Ashley Madison's 4.5 million cheaters and philanderers are men between the ages of 35-45.

The website made headlines this year when one of it's tasteless ads was banned from the Superbowl..."Who are you doing after the game?"  It's also been reported recently that the company approached Tiger Woods with a $5 million dollar endorsement deal. I don't blame them...can you think of a more suitable spokesperson?

If you're still shaking your head...YES, there is a business out there, making a profit, by destroying relationships and causing emotional damage to people.

Isn't adultery against the law in some places?  The bigger question is - shouldn't there be shame associated with adultery?

Infidelity should not be encouraged much less facilitated...but are we really surprised that someone is capitalizing on the weaknesses of others?

No good can come from affairs. If you're unhappy in your marriage and the "til death do us part"is too much of a challenge for you - GET OUT OF IT.

For all the aspiring unfaithful douchebags reading this blog, that have fallen for the "Life's too short" idea - note again that this company boasts 4.5 million members, so your odds of finding a home wrecker are better than average. Lucky you. Don't forget to kick in the $250 for the Guarantee Package....cuz it's best to secure any investment.  Oh and also please Google "cheating tips" ,"what to say when you get caught", "how to start over after losing everything" "teaching your kids about integrity" and "why am I such a selfish, inconsiderate, self serving douche".

I would love to be an ad exec for Mr. slimy shitbag Biderman...Here's a more appropriate billboard for his company..."Pimps ain't What They Used to Be...ashleymadison.com"...or how about something simple..."Life is  Short...HAVE MORALS".