In an ideal world, we would all be treating one another with love, kindness, and respect. Unfortunately, there are some people who may not deserve any of that.

I was in a situation recently where I was forced to introduce, and play my "judgment" and "intolerant asshole" cards to my new acquaintances.

A friend became involved in a relationship with a woman I will call Katie.  In the short time he was with Katie, this friend went from being passionate and excited about life to conceding to having his servile balls tied to the tracks.

His new love interest was so abusive and extremely demeaning. She told him she was too good for him, constantly lied and steadily cheated on him.  He kept trying desperately to make their relationship work, praying and believing she would change.  I watched this poor guy get played for his money, his reputation and his heart in just two months.  It seemed as though his close friends just stood back and fueled their deranged and twisted dynamic.  Friends would "enable" this train wreck partnership by inviting the couple into their homes, and allowed for this poor mans self esteem and dignity to deteriorate right in front of their eyes.

One friend actually justified Katie's repugnant behaviour by feeling sorry for her.  He talked of how Katie was so fragile, that she had been in bad relationships in the past and how difficult life had been for her lately, and continued to list all the reasons why he had pity for this skank. I patiently sat there and listened to the reasons why I should be more "tolerant" of her behaviour and then finally I said  “we all have had difficult lives, in fact most of us come from seriously dysfunctional families, we've all had a few tumultuous relationships and you don’t see us behaving and treating others in such a nasty way”.

I have no mercy for people who destroy other people’s lives.  I thinks it's vile that this gold digger preyed on this lonely and delusional man. With all the knowledge, all the medication and all the help there is out there, why should we still continue to tolerate other people’s abusive behaviour?  I, personally, have had enough.  These people in an unceasingly narcissistic fashion, go about destroying the lives of others and don’t get help or do anything to improve their paltry, wretched lives...and most of us find excuses why they should be allowed to abuse and cause drama. There are no longer consequences socially for their behaviour.

I was told that I was being judgmental. Duhhhh!  Isn't that a GOOD thing? By judging you recognize the good and the bad. It doesn't necessarily imply just the bad. It is truly impossible to live your life everyday without judging.

I was then cited the most overused and out of context biblical quote from Matthew 7:1, "Judge not, that ye be not judged"...This verse is usually used by Hypocrites whenever they want to avoid being challenged in their wrong behaviour.

I refuted that with citing the REST of that verse (I mean if we're gonna quote the bible of all things, let's get it right!)...Matthew 7:15-16 we are told, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep' s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits." Verse 16 goes on to tell us we shall know them by their fruit so we are to judge them by their fruit. Verse 17 explains further about the fruit, "Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit."

Am I judgmental? YES...and thank God! Or I may be living in a trailer park, with seven illegitimate kids, on welfare or living with a woman beater.  Being judgmental has served me very well. I grew up watching my mother make poor decisions and execute poor judgment...extremely poor judgment.  I was able to recognize that because I was being JUDGMENTAL, and I had enough sense to not do the same things myself.

Whenever you hear someone saying "Poor Johnny, he robbed a bank because he has low self esteem, he's a drug addict and his mommy didn't hug him enough or pay attention to his inner child"...You say "Johnny is a deceptive, lying criminal douchebag and thank God I'll never be like that fucktard".

When you recognize that someone is doing something with the intention to hurt another person, don't be afraid to get right up in their face and tell them off. People need to start having consequences for their selfish behaviour.

I guess when God was giving out class, dignity and courtesy, Katie and her vainglorious friends were cowering in the corner sucking on their thumbs.