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Step Up to the Plate

Posted by on in Daily Randomness
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I had gone out on three dates with the doctor from Winchester before I finally realized he wasn't over his ex.
An old highschool friend who now works with Mr. D set the two of us up.  She suggested he add me to facebook and I graciously accepted. After we messaged back and forth and creeped eachother's pics, I felt comfortable enough to give him my number.

During our first phone call, he mentioned that he liked my look because my eyes were the same shade of green as his ex-girlfriend's. I didn't have the desire to tell him that my eyes are actually hazel.  I think though, that I was more concerned about this guy mentioning his ex merely five minutes into a conversation that could potentially lead to a blind date.

Strike one.

On our first date, he almost immediately mentioned that his ex-girlfriend lived around the corner from the coffee shop at which he suggested we go to. Coincidence? Hmmm...probably not.

Strike two.

On our second date, he not so subtly worked into the conversation that his ex-girlfriend is a travel agent when the subject of vacations came up. I thought I'd be a sport and give him a free pass on that one. But by our third date, he was blabbing about how much his ex-girlfriend loved to play with her chopsticks as he and I sat at Kinki Restaurant enjoying cucumber rolls and dynamite shrimp.

Strike three.

Part of me just wanted to walk away and never call him again and have all his friends bear the misfortune of listening to his questions about why girls never call when they say they would. Instead, I decided to be honest.
"I don't think you are over your ex...maybe you need to take some time to get to know yourself again before you get into something new."
Immediately, and before I had a chance to put my glass of water back down on the table, things got ugly.
He said "you don't even know me or my ex so how can you make these assumptions?"
Witnessing his reaction made me regret being too nice.

In retrospect what I should of said was "Well retard, you mention her name every five minutes, you constantly check your blackberry for messages and you still have pictures of you and her practically fucking on your facebook."
But instead I politely told him that he mentioned her quite often and if we were to move forward with anything, I would feel more comfortable if he didn't mention her name, or take me to places that they had been.
He then raised his voice and banged his fist on the table "So you don't have any exes?"
I embarrassingly looked around the room and then cautiously but sternly leaned over to whisper "well...ya...but I don't mention them on dates."

Thank God the waiter came by with the cheque.  I pulled out a $50, threw it onto the table and walked out of the restaurant.

As I sat in the cab on the way home, I quietly laughed to myself.  I loved the idea that after I left, Mr. D most likely sat at that Sushi restaurant and blah blah blah-ed about his ex the entire night to that poor unsuspecting waiter.

I hope he left him a good tip. (The waiter - I mean)

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